Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Dark Disciple Round-Up

With Dark Disciple out today, it seemed an appropriate time to revisit the interview I conducted with author Christie Golden back at Celebration in April. The book had both its positives and negatives for me, and I gave my spoiler-free thoughts about the novel in general at Den of Geek.

For more of a look at the ending of the novel and the way it reflects on The Clone Wars and the recent Star Wars books, check out the ForceCast; we had a nice range of opinions on the novel and on the ending in particular. The first 45 minutes are a spoiler-free overview of the book, while the end features Justin's interview with Golden.

Ventress will return in "Kindred Spirits," the short story by Golden for which Magali Villeneuve painted the image on the right. It will be available in Star Wars Insider #159, on sale July 21st.

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