Friday, November 14, 2014

An Interview with James Luceno

I interviewed James Luceno about "Tarkin" on Den of Geek. The full interview can be found here. Like the post says, we talked about Palpatine's first name, how to write the Sith, and the origins of Tarkin's story.

The two most interesting parts of this for me were Luceno's stance on female characters and the way Tarkin quietly establishes that the new canon looks a lot like the old.

Like John Jackson Miller in "A New Dawn," Luceno said he made "deliberate choices" in terms of scattering female characters throughout Tarkin's Imperial crew.

In reference to the new canon, Luceno said "I do think that the so-called new canon will share much with the old" and that there was no reason to re-invent a planet like Murkhana if one that fit the bill already existed. We've seen the canonization of caf and other small details, and now of some major events in the lives of Darth Vader and Tarkin. I'm curious to see whether more events will be pulled into the new canon. I would be happy if the two looked very similar. Other authors may not be as proactive as Luceno was, or as organized, but I can see any Star Wars author wanting to re-use events that don't contradict anything in canon. Luceno's response makes me think that maybe some of my favorite things in Legends might still be canon - they just haven't been re-canonized yet.

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