Thursday, August 7, 2014

Familiar Faces in Rebels

Bits and pieces of information are beginning to filter in, from official sources like the 7-minute preview of Star Wars: Rebels that aired this Monday on Disney XD, or bloggers like The Star Wars Underworld folks finding spoileriffic information in Rebels source books. For Den of Geek I looked at the previously established characters who might appear in Rebels, including ones we've already seen in the trailer who may or may not get some screen time, as well as some long shots.

I enjoyed the preview of Rebels; the open skies of Lothal harken back to Tatooine sunsets without being dull. The art style, based on Ralph McQuarrie's work, looks better on the landscapes than the characters, in my opinion - but I thought the same of The Clone Wars. While Lothal looks like a painting in greys and yellows, Ezra's blue hair looks plasticky and clashes with the wide variety of other colors in the cast. Maybe I'll get used to it. I'm certainly not one to say a show has too many orange flight suits. And so far, the story doesn't go wrong.

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