Monday, April 7, 2014

The Lost Missions: The Disappeared Review

My last two reviews of The Clone Wars were posted at Den of Geek this week. For the first time, after reviewing these episodes, it really hit me that my run with The Clone Wars was done. I did not so much mourn as reflect. My answer to people in the real world asking whether I like The Clone Wars is almost always "It's complicated."

My reviews of the Yoda arc can be found here.

"The Disappeared Pt. 1"

Mace Windu's deadpan acceptance of a mission with Jar Jar is funny, but my tolerance for female characters being kidnapped was wearing thin in this episode.

"The Disappeared Pt. 2"

I didn't expect a Jar Jar-focused episode to redeem itself so well, with beautiful scenery and a lot more ladies.

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