Monday, April 21, 2014

Rebels Music and an Interview with Vanessa Marshall

It was a real thrill for me to talk to Vanessa Marshall, voice of Hera on the upcoming "Rebels,' last week just before her appearance with some "Rebels" reveals at WonderCon in Anaheim. Of course it's too early to know details about the character, but from everything Marshall says, it sounds like she'll be one of my favorites. You should also check out her Twitter because it's full of joy.

Marshall talked to me about cosplay, action figures, and Hera's role on the Ghost, as well as some Force philosophy in action:
Quick story: I boxed twelve rounds at the gym this morning, and I was thinking about the books The Jedi Path and The Book of Sith. I was also thinking about the source of Hera’s strength and resolve. When I thought about some of the Jedi Code ideas (“there is no emotion, there is peace...”) I boxed really well. I tried some of the Sith ideas (“peace is a lie, there is only passion...”), and, strangely, I found that when I came from a place of love (not to distill the Force into such a term, but for my purposes that made the most sense) I fought better. When I thought of things that made me angry, I tired quickly and couldn’t wait for the three minute round to be done!
Find the full interview at Den of Geek.

The other big reveal was the "Rebels" theme song (via Rebels Report.) I really like this music and the way an adventurous, light original theme blends into the Original Trilogy score. 

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