Friday, April 18, 2014

Past and Future

Most of my posts have been on Den of Geek this month. The New Jedi Order re-read is continuing with "Hero's Trial," and some more interesting posts will be coming up later in May, including interviews and maybe a guest post about cosplay.

I continued to dive into what it means for Amy Hennig to head up a Star Wars video game, and interviewed some fan creators who couldn't wait for a new Star Wars game, so created their own.

One of my earlier posts for Den of Geek launched this month with the best fight scenes in The Clone Wars. The action scenes are always some of my favorite parts of the show.

Returning to gaming, I suggested five things that could make Visceral's game great. I am of two minds about speculation in general; it can be interesting and fun to imagine an idealized, personalized form of whatever is coming next for the franchise, but right now Episode VII is in a bit of a holding pattern, with very little information to work from. We'll see whether the game even ties into the movie.

There was also a preview for a Han Solo comic called "Rebel Heist" from Dark Horse.

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