Thursday, April 3, 2014

Amy Hennig to Helm Star Wars Game

Amy Hennig, former Writer and Creative Director of the "Uncharted" franchise, has joined Visceral Games as Creative Director of their upcoming Star Wars project.

Hennig worked on the "Jak and Daxter" franchise before becoming the game director for "Uncharted: Drake's Fortune" and from then on helming the Uncharted series. She left developer Naughty Dog in 2014, and EA vice president Steve Papoutsis announced on April 3, 2014 that she would be joining Visceral Games on a Star Wars project about which no further details have been revealed.

"Amy and I have spent a lot of time talking about what her first project would be," Papoutsis said in a press release from EA.  "There are a lot of different directions we could have gone, but I could sense that what really excited her about this opportunity (because let’s face it, we weren’t the only ones knocking at her door) was Star Wars.  Amy’s a huge fan. We happen to be making a Star Wars game. Just thinking about the possibilities made both of us even more excited about having her join the team."

Personally, I'm thrilled to see an accomplished woman join the video game side of Star Wars, along with Kathleen Kennedy as president of Lucasfilm.  

In an article with the LA Times from 2010, Hennig talked about never having encountered any sexism in the work force, but sometimes having to tell modelers to dial back the breast size on female characters.

She also talked about 1977 as a critical year for entertainment: "Our brains were never the same after that."

Today on Twitter, Hennig said, "It's a privilege to have the opportunity to contribute to the Star Wars universe, after it's had such a formative influence on my life." 

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