Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Lost Missions: The Rise of Clovis Review

The second arc in "The Clone Wars'" Lost Missions brings back former Separatist Rush Clovis in a series of episodes which I thought could have benefited from giving Padmé the chance to negotiate for her own fate.

My reviews of episodes five through seven of the Lost Missions can be found at Den of Geek:

"An Old Friend"

The Anakin-Padmé-Clovis drama returns, and while this type of story is difficult to pull off in a mature fashion, exciting action scenes and impressive visuals lift this episode above the later installments.

"The Rise of Clovis"

More banking and less Embo make for a middle episode that never quite establishes its stakes.

"Crisis At The Heart"

Both Clovis and Anakin think themselves tragic; the latter succeeds more in the long run, but neither they nor Padmé show much heroism at the arc's conclusion. 

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