Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Clone Wars: The Lost Missions Review


The much-anticipated Lost Missions episodes of The Clone Wars hit the internet this Friday on Netflix. I wrote reviews of the final four episodes for Den of Geek - and in short, the episodes were very good, making me wish they had been part of the show from the start.

These reviews are slightly spoilery:

Episode 10: The Lost One

Is that continuity I see? This quality episode addresses what Anakin experienced on Mortis, where the Pykes came from, and how Qui-Gon speaks to Yoda.

Episode 11: Voices

The Sages are pleasantly bizarre, and more palatable to me than the inhabitants of Mortis.  This episode comes firmly down on one side of some fan debates, and Yoda continues to carry a strong story.

 Episode 12: Destiny

This episode has all the great appeal and emotional moments of alternate universe fan fiction. Perhaps one of my favorites in the whole series.

Episode 13: Sacrifice

The finale doesn't quite have the emotional gut-punch of episode 12, but it is also full of import. And Mark Hamill!

I learned a lot about Star Wars blogging by complaining about The Clone Wars, so it's pretty cool to get a sneak peak at these and sign on with Den of Geek to do reviews and things in the future.

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