Thursday, December 5, 2013

Insider Magazine has Lockdown, Rebels info

Star Wars Insider #146 comes to newsstands on Dec. 10, bringing with it a few items that are of particular interest over here. This issue has an interview with Rebels executive producer Greg Weisman, which accompanies his introductory video.

Club Jade has a quote from the article in which Weisman says that there will be two female leads in the show, who, he thinks, will "be fan favorites very quickly."

The issue also contains Rebels news from line producer Athena Portillo. It's nice to see a woman (with an awesome name) joining Weisman in the magazine.

Joe Schreiber contributed a short story that ties in to Darth Maul: Lockdown, and the books section has comments from him about Lockdown as well, including the inclusion of Komari Vosa.

The icing on the cake is Jan Duursema talking about Dawn of the Jedi: Force War. (Remember, you can find my comments on the previous Dawn of the Jedi arc here.)

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