Thursday, November 7, 2013

Episode VII to be released December 18, 2015 announced today that Episode VII will hit theaters on Friday, December 18, 2015.

After some back-and-forth between Disney and Lucasfilm about the release date, December was chosen to "not only anchor the popular holiday filmgoing season but also ensure our extraordinary filmmaking team has the time needed to deliver a sensational picture," said Alan Horn, chairman of The Walt Disney Studios, in a press release.

So there will be a lot of toys.

Casting is going on now, with shooting scheduled to begin in spring of 2014 at London's Pinewood Studios.

This is the first live action Star Wars film not to have been released in May. Celebration VII is still scheduled for April 2015, so the convention will still be the lead-up to the movie - just not quite so close as fans, including myself, were speculating.

Okay. Now that we've got a release date, I can get excited!

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  1. Oh I am actually really looking forward to this. Ahhh new Star Wars movies I mean IT'S STAR WARS AND I WILL BE ABLE TO SEE IT IN THE CINEMA hauhfaouefhosajhfoaihwfaufkwo