Thursday, August 1, 2013

An Exceptional Heroine

I found one of my favorite new heroes in a 2003 space opera novel, and wrote about her for Fangirlblog. You can find my article about "Trading in Danger" by Elizabeth Moon here.

The more I pay attention to gender in science fiction, the more I see how difficult it is to find a well-written heroine, or hard sci-fi by a female author. Saying that, though, perpetuates the idea that women are a rarity in the field. It's difficult to spotlight a writer for their gender without making that gender seem like a sideshow attraction - but I think it's important to show that female sci-fi writers are both an integral part of the genre and a part that isn't paid enough attention.

Elizabeth Moon's book isn't perfect - but her heroine is both relateable and extraordinary, both aggressive and protective, neither meek nor overpowered, and I think more readers should know her.

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