Saturday, July 27, 2013

Star Wars Rebels art, logo revealed at Celebration Europe

Dave Filoni, Greg Weisman, and Simon Kinberg spoke this morning at Celebration Europe about the new animated Star Wars show Rebels, including brand new art of the main character's ship, the Ghost. 

The show already has a branded t-shirt as well, in a style that Filoni said was inspired by the black and orange Rebel flight suits.

I do love me some Rebel flight suits. My full Rebels recap will be available on Fangirlblog in the near future, where I'll also be writing reviews of the show once it premieres on the Disney Channel in 2014.


  1. The art style of the new series intrigues me. However, it is difficult to imagine what the final project will look like until we see some character models. I just hope that the new series maintains the dark tone and quality adult story telling that the Clone Wars most of the time.
    Also will you be providing a link to your recap here on this blog or will it just be on your other blog?


    1. Hi James,

      We'll definitely have to wait to see any more solid Rebels info.

      I'll have a link to the recap in a new post in a second, but for now you can find it at ^_^ I don't run that site, but will be serving as their Rebels reviewer and probably posting most Rebels stuff both there and here.

    2. Thanks for the answer, I will go check out the site then. :)