Tuesday, May 7, 2013

'Into the Void' scores high

Latest ReleaseAlong with my review, the internet has been abuzz with talk about Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void today, the hardcover's release date.

Roqoo Depot has an interview with author Tim Lebbon, where he talks about how he made sure to show the Je'daii's different view of the dark side. He also clarified something that fans were wondering: that Dalien Brock was not Force-sensitive at all, as opposed to sensitive but unskilled.

Fangirlblog's Linda Hansen-Raj called the book "engaging" in her review, along with noting Lanoree's coldness. "Lanoree professes to feel bad for those she injures or kills in the line of duty," Linda said,  "but her actions make the sentiment feel inauthentic."

Bry Dean from Knights Archive has his own review, in which he said the book was "a great story" and "vivid", and praised the epigraphs.

 Roqoo Depot also posted a review, calling the book "a lot to like" and saying that it lived up to its own assertion of depth.

Dunc at Club Jade said that she was skeptical going in but found Into the Void to be "a nice, compact Star Wars tale", and was glad that even in an era when Jedi are free to marry, Lanoree's love life is "a nonissue."

Lightsaber Rattling called Lanoree "fascinating", and also spells out the problem some fans, including myself, had with her: "Lanoree is a fascinating character in that you become comfortable with her internal conflict and her emotions which for most of the novel are tied up in duty and family. Her focus is largely on her brother. But to Tre Sana and others it seems like the emotion that she has for her family is largely absent, the casualness with which she dispatches or contemplates dispatching others in the novel is jarring at times."

Bria from Tosche Station said Void "doesn’t feel like the Star Wars of the films and nor should it" and called it "a solidly enjoyable read", also praising Lanoree's lack of love interest.

This list may be updated as more reviews come in! For now, it looks like everybody's pretty much on the same page.

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