Monday, April 1, 2013

'The Star Wars'

This is no April Fool's joke, although it sounds like it could be.

Dark Horse Comics announced at WonderCon on March 31 that they will be starting a series called "The Star Wars" based on George Lucas' original draft of his screenplay. That means that General Annikin Starkiller and his mentor Luke Skywalker will face off against Darth Vader and his Sith Knights.

On one hand, I love this. The odd, samurai-inspired feel of the first draft could make for an entertaining comic. It's an alternate universe story unlike the Infinities comics and more like fan fiction. Especially now that Disney will be expanding the Star Wars movieverse even further, it's a good time for Dark Horse to start an alternative story in a whole new and uncluttered universe. Fanfic writers may have fun with the new/altered characters. In Dark Horse's press release, writer Randy  Stradley said that it "turned my Star Wars fan brain on its side," and I feel the same way.

However, this is a first draft. It was changed into the more mythic, simpler 'Star Wars' script for a reason. J.W. Rinzler, the Executive Editor at LucasBooks who has previously written only Star Wars nonfiction, may have his hands full making it into a complete, entertaining story. He's doing so with thirty extra years of exploring what Star Wars is, though, so this might be less an exact rendition of the first draft and more a fun, surreal alternate universe with a new story.

Obviously, there is no female lead - unfortunately this isn't the slightly later draft featuring a farmgirl Skywalker.

'The Star Wars' is an eight-issue series beginning in September. 

Original “Star Wars” Screenplay to Get Comic Book Treatment
Interior art by Mike Mayhew

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  1. Now this is a fantastic idea! Even if it is not that great of a comic, it will be fun to see Lucas' original ideas in a form of media.