Monday, March 11, 2013

Why the End of The Clone Wars is Good for Us

The news of The Clone Wars ending has left me oddly ambivalent. I see some fans complaining, but more are confused - Why end the show so quickly? How much of the cancellation had to do with Disney not desiring to directly continue a Cartoon Network show?

When the smoke cleared and I took a moment to think it over, I still wasn't weeping - and now I was a bit optimistic.

There are a few reasons why The Clone Wars going out like this is one of the best of a bunch of possible worlds.

1. The show went out on a high note. The final arc showed an important event in the life of Anakin Skywalker and clearly showed how The Clone Wars as a whole affects Revenge of the Sith. It showed the best of the series - fight scenes and landscapes and new interpretations of established characters.

2. On the other hand, the loss of The Clone Wars paves the way for something that might be better. The Clone Wars was persistently entertaining but suffered from cliched dialogue, predictable plots, silly moments, and stories that had nothing to do with the main characters. Ahsoka was created as a point-of-view character for young viewers, but without a lot of characterization of her own she couldn't carry the weight of the plot on her precocious shoulders.

3. However,  The Clone Wars did set a precedent for stories featuring female characters. There were a lot of questions at the end of season five, and most of them were about women. What happens to Ahsoka? What happens to Barriss? What will Asajj do now? Does Ahsoka know about Padme's marriage? Bloggers and fans were chatting about the finale to the end - and all those discussions were about female characters who had grown and been part of battles throughout the series.

4. There's more to come in the future. From the "bonus" episodes that are not yet released, to whatever Disney's cooking up with their Star Wars TV show, this is a chance for Star Wars to get even better. It's bizarre for me to think of The Clone Wars as something to look back on, but Star Wars as a whole is far from over. It's just beginning.

4.5. The bonus episodes. We know there is at least one Anakin-centric arc still in the pipeline, which was created for season five. Then there's the video here, which seems to be set just before or during Order 66. It features two female Jedi. a friend pointed out that the designs for their species first showed up in the Attack of the Clones concept art book. One of them doesn't fare well, but they bring grace and color to the drab clones and, well, Anakin.

So there's still more to see. Meanwhile, The Clone Wars produced some fantastic memories and in fact was the inciting reason for me to start this blog. The Clone Wars crew seem like great people, and I'd like to thank them, especially Ashley Eckstein and Cat Taber, for making my Star Wars fan experience feel fun and inclusive. The new movies will mean new Star Wars fans, and new shows to love just like fans have loved The Clone Wars.

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  1. While there some bad story arcs, overall I would say that Clone Wars brought some of the best Star Wars stories that rival the prequels in some ways. Although the series ended well, I wish Ahsoka could have had more episodes showing the aftermath of her choice.
    But I too, am optimistic about what is to come. Maybe a live-action and animated series made for the older audience and aired on ABC.