Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Novel Makes Darth Maul Even Darker

Geek news site io9 just released the cover and blurb for a new novel - and it's Zabraktastic.

The guy who put zombies in the Star Wars universe is sending Darth Maul behind bars

Maul: Lockdown will be released some time in 2014, according to the Star Wars Books Facebook page via FanApocalypse, and feature a pre-The Phantom Menace Maul infiltrating a criminal empire.

The last Maul novel for adults was released in 2001, and Joe Schreiber of Death Troopers fame is not known for toning down the violence and gore. Add a jail setting and this could be one of the darkest Star Wars novels ever. What better central character for that than Darth Maul, who is now back in action on the small screen in  The Clone Wars, which was recently censored for violence?

I admit that the zombies-meets-Star Wars tagline didn't get me to read Death Troopers, but hey. Now it's Maul.

Billed as part as the same series as last year's well-done Darth Plagueis, could Lockdown connect to The Clone Wars to tell us more about the Sith and about Maul's experience with the underworld?

 The one foreseeable downside: teen-boy-angst-trap cover and prison setting means there isn't much chance for female characters.


  1. Hey, this sounds interesting! And it's Maul. So. Perhaps I'll give it a read when it comes out. :)

    And part of the same series as Darth Plagueis, which was a very good Star Wars book, in my opinion. Even more reason to try!

    Thanks for the heads up, Nem!

    1. I liked Darth Plagueis too. Looking forward to this one! You're welcome!