Monday, December 3, 2012

Legacy Comic Introduces New Female Character

Dark Horse introduces a tastefully-dressed new female hero in a brand-new Legacy series. This unnamed-as-yet lady is the great-granddaughter of Han and Leia Solo. That's four generations of difference, so she might be as wild a divergence from the Solos we know as Cade Skywalker was from Luke, but it looks like she's got a preference for her great-grandfather's blaster.

The buzz in the blog community is that Dark Horse is jumping the shark by starting a new series so close to the complete Disney overhaul of the Star Wars universe, but even if the move is desperate, it's understandable desperation. I'd want to tell as many Star Wars stories as I could before that universe was taken away from me.

The new Solo premiers in issues set to hit comic shops next year, according to Comic Book Resources.

Stray observations:

  • I'd guess the Mon Calamari is female as well, going by the eyes. It would be cool to have an alien female mentor. $2 says she's related to Admiral Ackbar. 

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