Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Star Wars Reads

I've been trawling the Star Wars Reads website for information about local events, and found a couple stores in the area that advertised the event. One plans to have kids crafts; another themed food and drink; a third is restricting their celebration to a display table but also featured some fantastic violin arrangements of the Star Wars theme wafting from their speakers today, three days before the event.

It's made me think about my long, tenuous relationship with Star Wars novels. Recommended the classic Thrawn trilogy and Splinter of the Mind's Eye as a teenager, I instead gravitated to odder fare like the Jedi Academy trilogy and the dated Return of the Jedi Choose Your Own Adventure. (No one has dared to try to fit the main character from that book, known only as Luke's [male] best friend, into continuity.)

My Star Wars reading picked up steam in the New Jedi Order, perhaps helped along by the fact that the first Expanded Universe story I ever read was the grim, alien Emissary of the Void- quite the adventure to be hurled into for a girl who didn't know what Yuuzhan Vong were and hadn't even seen the entire original trilogy.

I've gained some knowledge since then, and probably wouldn't recommend tossing a new fan into that particular deep end. With resources like The Essential Reader's Companion, the EU is big and limitless, with plenty of places to start.

So you can use Star Wars Reads day as a way to enter the EU informed, or to pick up some kid-friendly books for new readers, or just to buy that one NJO novel you still haven't managed to find at a garage sale. Check out the official site for a full list of locations.


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