Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Everything's Amazing and Nobody's Happy

I saw the above quote associated with this video lately, and the first thing I thought of was fandom.

Fandom, and pop culture, in general, have these flashpoint moments where everyone is full of rage. Wookieepedia's things that ruined Star Wars forever is hilarious because it's partially true...or at least it was true, for a few moments years ago or right now. Someone in fandom is always angry. A show's writer will make a decision which makes the fans sad and also, even worse, makes the fans doubt the writers' abilities to provide satisfactory content.

But the fans stick around. Not all of them, but most of them. They make things and rage and always come back, because even if everything is terrible, everything is still worth being around. They hold the two opposing viewpoints, everything's amazing and nobody's happy, in their minds at one time.

So this is just me appropriating an idea for myself. Because that's what fans do.

So watch the video. And at least think about the newest thing that you know exists. Maybe that thing is a change to a canon work that you don't think should have come to pass.

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