Friday, June 15, 2012

Things I Like This Week #4

The Internet contains many things. Some of them are likeable.

I was drawn to Chuck Wendig's  terrible minds because a writing magazine warned that people who are easily offended shouldn't visit it. I'm glad I did, since he's got some cool essays on writing, pop media, and female characters. Turns out I actually read his novel Mockingbird some time ago, but was confused what with it not being marked as a sequel.

There's a long-running argument about whether Lara Croft is interesting to feminists or not, but Wendig's essay about the most recent game  argues that she is...because she's doing it wrong. He sums up one of my beliefs about characters: "...can’t we come to her being a strong relatable character not because she’s a woman, not despite the fact she’s a woman, but regardless of it?"

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