Friday, June 22, 2012

Mass Effect 3 DLC Aims To Patch Up Ending

A free DLC for Mass Effect 3 will be released next Tuesday. It's called simply the Extended Cut, although everyone knows it as "that one that's supposed to fix the ending". BioWare has stated that the DLC will contain new content to expand upon and explain, but not drastically change, the game's final chapter. Rumors have been floating around as to which voice actors at which secret meeting may be involved. According to the BioWare blog, the end will clarify some plot points as well as expand upon Commander Shepard's decisions. Basically, they're saying they're going to do what fans want them to do: give Shepard more choices that actually impact the story, and explain what happened to the other characters after.

Due to a combination of factors, it is unlikely I'll be in the same county as my XBox on Tuesday. Even the prospect of barreling through one of my current saves to get to the end sounds like a slog: Mass Effect 3 is an even darker game on the second runthrough, and I doubt the Extended Cut changes the essential factors of the ending that make it so.

Regardless, I'll have more details when they're available, and feel free to comment below with your opinions on the endings or the Extended Cut.

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  1. As someone who hasn't played the "Mass Effect" games, I feel like I probably shouldn't have an opinion on this. But I have to admit that I kinda feel for the guys at BioWare for how the massive influx of negative opinion has cornered them into releasing this kind of DLC. I'm a fan of the "Metal Gear Solid" games and will admit to being kinda disappointed by MGS4, but I can't imagine the fanbase there demanding that Hideo Kojima go back and "fix" the things that people didn't like. I'm reminded a little of the various fan reactions creators have faced at the unpopular ends of various works-- Lucas and the SW trilogies are obvious for the hyperbole that hateboys spew, but there's also Patrick McGoohan going into hiding after the last episode of "The Prisoner", or Hideaki Anno getting death threats after the finale of "Neon Genesis Evangelion", which later wound up onscreen in the trippy "End of Evangelion" movie. That film was made as something of a concession to fans unhappy with the original ending as well, though granted, Anno wasn't too pleased with it either, for how the budgets shaped the minimal animation-- EOE was legitimately a second chance to get the series the ending it deserved. I doubt that's the case with "Mass Effect", but if BioWare took this occasion as an opportunity to flex their creative muscles and come up with something other than just a quick tidy explanation patch, there could be a silver lining, somewhat.