Friday, May 4, 2012

Clone Wars Season Five Trailer

May the 4th Be With You!

 The Clone Wars season five trailer is available now at  With the emphasis put on the bad guys, it will be interesting to see what dark path the series walks this season. I'm also pretty pleased with the Mandalorians' dialogue, which is great since the Death Watch have been pretty much a nonentity to me so far. There's a nice parallel too between the Mandos and the Sith brothers. They're again put in the spotlight, and we do get confirmation that Maul wears a shirt for...well, at least part of this season.

The full version of this teaser trailer will be revealed at Disney Star Wars Weekends. I'm hoping it will add the Jedi in - as members of an ancient order they fit the established format perfectly, and it's very cool to think of the season as a clash of ideologies. Just adding the word "ancient" into dialogue doesn't make a faction feel real all by itself, but it helps.

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