Monday, March 19, 2012

Darth Maul (and myself) Featured on

Along with Star Wars authors Ryder Windham and Dan Wallace, I piped up on Random House's to talk about Darth Maul in the latest episodes of The Clone Wars. Check out the article here. 

As this post comes around the time that I would usually post a Things I Like This Week, I'm going to throw in some miscellanea as well. (I guess there just weren't enough likeable things. Silly internet.)

A recent article that got me thinking was this post by Two Whole Cakes. You probably know that I adore Mass Effect's possibilities for a female protagonist, and Two Whole Cakes takes it a step further by discussing exactly how much Commander Shepard's default walking animation shows about the things people today assume about gender. She makes great points about gender, sexuality, and race, and since I'm usually discussing only one out of those three her post was a refreshing and fascinating find.

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