Thursday, January 12, 2012

Win a ThunderCats T-Shirt

To help promote the ThunderCats facebook page, I've teamed up with the ThunderCats promotional team and offer you the chance to win a t-shirt!

It looks like this.
What you need to do is be the first person to comment with the answer to the following Moderately Difficult ThunderCats Trivia Question:

What is the name of the sword created by the Drifter? 

This contest is open until somebody wins it. I'll get in touch with the winner afterward to make arrangements.  Good luck!

Brought to you by Cartoon Network and the ThunderCats Mane Frame Application.


  1. ...the Sword of Hittanzo? lol

    (Hiiiiii, Meeeeeg! =D!)

  2. Bwahaha, hi Shamia! You are my favourite person lol. You are correct! Want to email me your address/shirt size and I'll see about getting that to ya.

  3. Hahah. YAY! I never win anythinggggg! =D! I will FB my info to you ASAP! <3