Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Star Wars: Shadow Games

As a fan of Michael Reaves, I have been looking forward to his latest standalone novel for quite some time. Hearing that it involved a dour Nautolan teras kasi master/pilot didn't dampen my enthusiasm. During my reading of Shadow Games I also ventured out into the real universe a little bit and got in touch with the founder of Fangirlblog. I've been reading their stuff for about half a year now. While I may not agree with all of the sentiments that tend to be repeated there, Tricia and her contributing reviewers are excellent writers, and the site is a great place for Star Wars news and reviews with a female slant. I'm proud - actually, I'm so goggled that anyone reading this vaguely professional-sounding entry should imagine a low, constant squee'ing sound going on behind it - to announce that my Clone Wars reviews will in the future be hosted there as well as on this site.

That will also be the location of my review of Shadow Games, which talks about damsels in distress, entertainment about entertainers, and surprisingly few Nautolans. 

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