Sunday, March 13, 2011

Why's It Called That Anyway

Greetings, programs!

This post is a placeholder. The blog may not be officially in use for a few months. Thank you for following me over here from facebook,, or deviantArt if you did that, or for stumbling upon me randomly in the vastness of the internet if you did that...which I doubt you did, but I suppose you might have done. Welcome. 

So why's it called "This Blog Is Full of Words"?

Because of the following conversation, which happened not-at-all verbatim on the infamous Ninety-Six Steps of my university.

I was trying to explain my thesis to the Long-Suffering Roommate. "So, it's about how people see themselves as created. And they also see themselves as creators, so they write about people who see themselves as created. Those being fictional people who then comment on their own fictional status. Oh dear. I feel like this is such a useless thesis. It's so glaringly obvious to everyone."

Long-Suffering Roommate sighed. "Megan, I think that of all the things you need to worry about, this thesis being glaringly obvious to everyone is not one of them."

I protested. "But, but, I feel like forty-five pages in all I've said can be boiled down to "Look! This book is full of  words! And that's important!"

Between laughs she insisted that I change the title of my thesis to "This Book Is Full of Words."

I didn't.

But I did this.


  1. Such an inspiring story...
    It brings tears to my eyes! Haha. I'm stalking you on dA and on here! >:D

  2. These are the inspiring stories that...inspiring speeches are made of. Yes. *sage nod*

    Yay! I am glad to be stalked in multiple places. (Internetwise, I mean. :P)

  3. Stalked by Zu, Sion, Maul (not really, but who care?!) and me! MWAHAHAHAHA!

  4. ...

    You make my days better, Xeph. Thank you for being around.

  5. Lol, now that's what I call an epic story or moment.

  6. lol yes. ^_^ And hi Raikoh! Welcome.

  7. Well, I like your thesis topic. It's one of those things that seems like it should be obvious but it's not. Or even one of those things that's so obvious that no one notices it. Which is epic.

    (I, I want to read it, Nem, when you're done. If I get to Tucson I may appropriate your writings and not give them back until I have finished reading all of them. I may also scatter the pages about a room and toss them up into the air while laughing gleefully/maniacally, for good measure.)

  8. Welcome, Misao!

    I certainly hope that my thesis is "one of those things that's so obvious that no one notices it." I think it is! You can certainly read it if you would like to slog through fifty-something pages of semi-scholarly...words. And if you promise to appropriate all the hardcopy in the place and laugh and dance in the rain of them.

  9. I like all your words, Nem, scholarly and non-scholarly alike.

    And I will definitely dance in the rain, if we can find any rain in Arizona in July.

  10. Yo, Nem!

    Someone should write a book (you, perhaps?) that's entitled "This Book is Full of Words." Seriously.

  11. @ Misao: Thank you. ^_^ Also there will be rain! Rain of paper! It will be like a miracle!

    @ Pensword: Hey! Welcome. Also I think one day I will write that book.