Sunday, July 8, 2012

Star Wars: Coruscant Knights 1: Jedi Twilight

It's a lot of fun to revisit old books, stories you may have loved a decade or a school grade ago, and see what new pieces of information you find in them the second (or third, or fourteenth) time around. The best books teach different lessons at different ages, depending on what the reader needs and is looking for or seeing in the world. The best books to revisit also feature characters who feel like old friends or ideal classmates, comforting presences who always feel a little bit the same no matter how much the reader has changed.

The same is true of any loved book, whether it's classic literature or a Star Wars book from the two thousands. This week I revisited Corsuscant Nights: Jedi Twilight for Knights Archive, and found that while I still love a lot of things about it, the re-read value isn't as high as the nostalgia value. We'll always have Coruscant.

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