Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mass Recap: Jack

I found this post on tumblr about Jack's role in Mass Effect 3, and thought that now was a good time to revisit my last blog about her. The costume that I had discussed in my last post turned out to be the final design. While I still think her costume could have been more creative, Jack's role in the story exceeded my expectations.

The tumblr post was in response to a critique of Jack being put into a maternal role. It's not my brand of feminism to label maternal roles as a bad thing, or even a noticeable thing. Jack becomes a teacher at the Grissom Academy for biotics (as mentioned in the Mass Effect expanded universe). I loved this. Of course the most powerful biotic in the universe would become a mentor figure at a Jedi biotic academy. Making her a teacher shows how Jack has grown up, and also shows how her own hard-case, sophomoric attitude makes her able to relate to the kids.

That doesn't mean I'm happy with Jack's costume, but the one thing I got right in my post of a few months ago was that it's the character's actions that matter most. Jack goes from vulnerable to tough-as-nails to venerable over the course of the three games, and that's fantastic.


  1. I think Jack's character progression is really well done. I very much disliked her in 2, but grew to like her as time went on. By 3, she is one of my favorite characters. To me, that shows the great mastery of characterization that BioWare has.

    1. I agree. In conversation in ME2 she seemed really designed to shock, but she's gone way beyond that. Thanks for the comment!