Sunday, August 30, 2015

The New Jedi Order Rises in The Unifying Force


The New Jedi Order was my first passion in Star Wars literature. Soon after seeing the movies for the first time, I got caught up in this ongoing story about Jedi fighting aliens. About ten years later, I’m re-reading the series with a fresh perspective.

It seems appropriate that I would finish the New Jedi Order shortly before Aftermath comes out. Reading The Unifying Force just before diving completely into the new canon lets me shift from Legends to canon books smoothly. The end of The Unifying Force was beautiful to me as a teenager, and I still believe that it works well as a finale for the Expanded Universe.

That isn’t because I have anything against the books that came afterward. Look at this, though:

“And gradually their bittersweet laughter floated from the wooden table, up past the lanterns, the wind chimes, and the thick branches from which they dangled, meandering up through the crowds of the tallest wroshyr trees and gliding weightless into the twilight sky, up, ever up into stars too numerous to count, defying the stillness of vacuum and dispersing, vectoring out across space and time, as if destined to be heard in galaxies far, far away … “

It’s the type of ending where the family and found families laugh together, more Disney than Star Wars under Disney has been so far. It also allows the story to breathe, to travel out, just as it says, into space. It gently leads the reader back into the real world, so that they can turn and look at that galaxy far, far away from a distance. I remember sitting in a window seat at my grandparents’ house, reading this transformative, escapist, run-on masterpiece. 

Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Force is the Force

Of course, of course.

There isn't a lot in my personal Star Wars world this week, but on the ForceCast John, Paul and I broke down the comics, including a quality-as-usual Star Wars #7 and an unexpected but exciting start for Lando #1.

At Den of Geek, editor John Saavedra and I published a list of our favorite Expanded Universe stories. 

On Suvudu, I talked about the surprise expansion for Knights of the Old Republic II, one of my favorite Star Wars games, along with some other news. Of course there will be more to come next week, along with perhaps one of my last New Jedi Order updates.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Let's Talk About Star Wars

Let's talk about Harrison Ford appearing at the Star Wars panel at San Diego Comic-Con yesterday.

That doesn't happen. Harrison Ford doesn't go to these things. Han Solo stood there, sounding optimistic about the space story he tends to disparage. The Original Trilogy stars reunited, and fans got another taste of what they might see this December.

And that meant something. It pulled together disparate thoughts I'd been having about what current fans will experience going forward into the Sequel Trilogy. To be honest, the stars aren't the draw for me, but Ford's appearance was one of many magical moments that seemed to say that the next Star Wars movie was going to bring something new and different to a story we already know.

On the other hand, the panel didn't reveal a lot of things I would have liked to see. We didn't see the CGI bodies of Snoke or Maz Kanata. There was no trailer, although there was a revealing, emotional behind the scenes video and a new character, General Hux, played by Domnhall Gleeson. No announcement of new directors or new plot points. In a way, we didn't get a lot of what we expected. But the reunion of the Original Trilogy stars - and a free concert and toy lightsabers for the people who attended the panel - made me forget all of that.