Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Riina Returns in Force Heretic I: Remnant

The New Jedi Order was my first passion in Star Wars literature. Soon after seeing the movies for the first time, I got caught up in this ongoing story about Jedi fighting aliens. About ten years later, I’m re-reading the series with a fresh perspective.

Several fans told me going into the Force Heretic trilogy that it was one of the more "skippable" sections of the New Jedi Order. I admit that Heretic was, therefore, fighting that first impression in my mind. It didn't disprove the assertion: dramatic stories for Saba, Jaina, Jacen, and Tahiri couldn't make up for the fact that the book treads water. It feels like a set up for things to come afterward, and was slow going despite itself.Remnant was Shane Dix and Sean Williams' first foray into Star Wars. It was a mediocre entry in the series, although it was literally about the making of a legend - which is particularly relevant to Star Wars fans today. 

Williams went on to write Fatal Alliance and the novelization of The Force Unleashed, while Dix's only other entry into the Star Wars saga was Or Die Trying, a short story that ties in to the New Jedi Order and on which he collaborated with Williams. 

Monday, May 11, 2015

John Jackson Miler Unpacks "Orientation"

Den of Geek published an interview I did with John Jackson Miller, in which we unpacked his latest Star Wars Insider short story and talked about the upcoming Rise of the Empire. "Orientation," a companion piece to both Lords of the Sith and A New Dawn, is one of the most complex Insider stories I've read, and of course it helped to have some of it explained by the author himself.

"Orientation" even explains some characterization that Miller established for Darth Vader in his very first Star Wars story, which he wrote almost 10 years ago.

Find more at Den of Geek.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

TFA Character Reveals and the Future of Publishing

While I did not create a blog post specifically for my reactions to the new photos from The Force Awakens, I was unexpectedly lucky to be able to air them on Tosche Station Radio during a show which was expected to cover Star Wars publishing. It was great to join Brian and Nanci there. Along with the TFA photos, we talked about the book news from Celebration Anaheim and our hopes for Star Wars novels. The books and comics alike seem constrained to the Original Trilogy time period for now, but I doubt it will remain that way in the future, since franchise universes are made to grow and change.

The photos of Captain Phasma were the most exciting thing for me to discover in the Vanity Fair article. I'm glad to see confirmation that Gwendoline Christie will fill what looks like a very cool role. Star Wars has a good track record with armored bad guys, and making one a woman (possibly gender-swapped late in the casting) is even better.

Will I like Phasma in the movie? I'm not sure - I'm a big fan of the Sith but tend to be bored by the Imperials. Maybe the First Order will be a little different. Of course, the character herself and her relationship to her role and the people around her is key - but cool armor doesn't hurt. Check out Tosche Station for more on the new cast.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Celebration Anaheim Journal Days Four and Five

Day One

Days Two and Three

Day three began with more certainty than day two. I had just one task ahead of me at a time: make sure I got in to the first Rebels panel of the day. Bloggers and podcasters had our own little group there near the front of the arena, in which we laughed and cheered and ogled the season two premiere and the chemistry between the cast. (Hearing Steve Blum and Vanessa Marshall make simultaneous whooping noises was my favorite.) 

I heard mutterings that people were starting to line up for the season two premiere very early, so headed to that queue almost immediately after the panel ended. I wrote my article in line, keeping a wary eye on my phone where it was attached to the coveted electrical outlets on the wall.